Global Trends 2019

by HotForex

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As the trading markets are constantly evolving, HotForex equips traders with the necessary tools that can help them survive adversities and prevail in the field.

We are pleased to announce that we have once again prepared the Global Trends Report. This year’s edition is out already and is available to download for FREE.

Our expert team of analysts outline global trading trends that will transform the market landscape and help traders seize opportunities, adapt to new circumstances, anticipate future changes, and identify new trading prospects.

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This in-depth analysis was prepared by our expert team of analysts, who combined have over thirty years of experience in different areas of the financial industry.

Stuart Cowell

Stuart Cowell -
Head Market Analyst

With over 25 years of experience working for a host of globally recognized organisations in the City of London, Stuart Cowell is a passionate advocate of keeping things simple, doing what is probable and understanding how the news, charts and sentiment work together to provide trading opportunities across all asset classes and all time frames.Stuart has been trading the global markets since 1997 and has also run his own consultancy. He believes that knowing yourself and employing effective risk management are the keys to successful trading.

Andria Pichidi

Andria Pichidi -
Market Analyst

Having completed her five-year-long studies in the UK, Andria Pichidi has been awarded a BSc in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Bath and a MSc degree in Mathematics, while she holds a postgraduate diploma (PGdip) in Actuarial Science from the University of Leicester.Following her various academic endeavors, Andria set eyes on the fascinating Forex industry where she has obtained valuable experiences after being active in the field for the past few years. In 2016, she joined HotForex as a Market Analyst with a mission to actively support the company’s clients in becoming better traders, by delivering daily market reviews.

Dr Nektarios Michail

Dr Nektarios Michail -
Market Analyst

With more than 4 years of experience at the Central Bank of Cyprus where he obtained hands-on experience with real-life economics, Dr Nektarios Michail is a supporter of a balanced approach between science and art when it comes to trading opportunities across various asset types.Nektarios holds a BSc and an MSc from University of Cyprus, and a PhD in Financial Economics from Cyprus University of Technology. His research, covering topics such as the relationship of stock market returns to macroeconomic developments, the effects of the trade balance on exchange rates, as well as various topics on economic policy, has been published in several academic journals.

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